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We have tons of smoking hot balloon pictures and hours of videos featuring wanton hotties playing with their fully inflated latex balloons while they enjoy a relaxing cigarette. Want to watch as they blow a steady stream of gray smoke against a tightly inflated balloon? Yes? Come on in and let the smoke and the latex envelope your

Matty puckers her sexy red painted lips around the tip of the slender smoke as she brings a lit match to the end and slowly draws in the sweet smoke before exhaling. The force of her breath sends a thick cloud of smoke out in front of her, only to pool around and then scatter from her huge green jeweltone. Soon her naked ass is being enveloped by the pink tightly inflated vinyl chair as she plays with her airship, a thick yellow Tilly and more!

Wearing only her leopard print bra & panties and her nude thigh high stockings, this hot blonde lights up her slim 120 cigarette among some small balloons. After letting the bright white smoke dance around her and the balloons; she teases and plays with a variety of wildly colorful balloons, rolling a jellybean between her lithe thighs.

Leka is a freckled faced, pouty-lipped teen. This little minx can’t keep herself away from balloons. As soon as she’s got a smoke lit, she’s already squeezing a tightly inflated fourteen-inch animal print balloon between her tight thighs and leans back against a giant inflated figurine. As the bright orange tip of her cigarette slowly burns down, she straddles a yellow round, squeezing it firmly between her tight thighs, until she is satisfied.
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